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National Coordinating Center

Think College National Coordinating Center

Think College has been funded by the Office of Postsecondary Education, US Department of Education to continue to provide support, coordination, training and evaluation services for Transition and Postsecondary Education Program (TPSID) grantees as well as other programs for students with  intellectual disabilities nationwide. Think College is honored to continue the work it began in 2010 when it was first funded as the National Coordinating Center, supporting the growth and enhancement of postsecondary options for students with intellectual disabilities across the United States.

Key personnel for the National Coordinating Center are Debra Hart and Meg Grigal, Principal Investigators and Cate Weir, Project Coordinator.

Press Release Announcing NCC Funding- October 2015

Listing of Funded TPSIDs 2015-2020

Listing of Funded TPSIDs 2010-2015

US Map showing locations of current TPSID projects

TPSID Projects At A Glance - click here for key features and descriptions of each of the grantees's projects

Key Activities of the National Coordinating Center

  • Build a knowledge base around effective inclusive higher education components for students with intellectual disability.
  • Provide technical assistance to TPSID programs as well as other existing and new inclusive higher education programs via a tiered technical assistance strategy.
  • Administer a mentoring program matching current and new TPSID grantees based on areas of expertise.
  • Update program standards and Evaluation Protocol for TPSID programs and use these to collect, analyze, synthesize and report annual and longitudinal follow-up quantitative and qualitative data on TPSID program components and student outcomes.
  • Develop recommendations on funding, memoranda of understanding, credentials, and accreditation for inclusive postsecondary education programs.
  • Establish accessible communication channels including an updated website, a topic based web portal (Innovation Exchange) and associated affinity groups, web meetings and discussion boards.
  • Provide training events nationwide to support the development and enhancement of postsecondary education options.

Through these activities and national leadership and dissemination strategies, the National Coordinating Center will increase knowledge across all target audiences of the programmatic components and evidence-based practices needed to develop, implement, and evaluate high quality inclusive higher education.

The Think College National Coordinating Center has authored several publications, including annual reports based on the data collected from the TPSID programs.  These are currently the only comprehensive data-based reports on the practices and outcomes of higher education for students with intellectual disabilities.

National Coordinating Center Publications

cover of National Coordinating Center Report




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