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Think College National Coordinating Center Annual Reports

Think College at the Institute for Community Inclusion, UMASS Boston served as the National Coordinating Center for 27 TPSID model demonstration projects from 2010-2015. As part of its evaluation efforts, the NCC completed annual reports offering descriptive data and trend analysis as well as findings from focus groups. These reports represent the most comprehensive knowledge base related to postsecondary education access and outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities.

The reports are organized into content areas aligned with the Think College Standards for Inclusive Higher Education.

To browse or download specific sections of the most recent (FY15) report, click the links below.

RECOMMENDED CITATION for the  2014-2015 Annual Report

Grigal, M., Hart, D., Smith, F. A., Domin, D., Weir, C. (2016). Think College National Coordinating Center: Annual report on the transition and postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities (2013–2014). Boston, MA: University of Massachusetts Boston, Institute for Community Inclusion.