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  • Two new stories are now on our Stories page. Ira from the University of Delaware tells us about his radio show (you can watch a video of him on the air!) and meeting the Governor of Delaware.  Eddie shares how his classes at Virginia Commonwealth led him to a full time job with benefits.  
  • Watch Rethinking College, our documentary film about including students with intellectual disabilities in higher education, now available for streaming on our website.
  • Check out other recently posted resources:
    • From Think College LEARN: We have created a new module to assist programs to apply to become a Comprehensive Transition Program.  It includes background information, tips for a successful application, an application template and interactive application checklist.
    • From the Resource Library: Participatory Action Research Guide - a complete guide to supporting college students with intellectual disabilities to conduct research on their experiences
    • From the National Coordinating Center: Report from the National Coordinating Center: FY11 +FY12: shares data and analysis from the first two years of the Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with ID (TPSID) projects.

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About Think College

Think College is a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disability. With a commitment to equity and excellence, Think College supports evidence-based and student centered research and practice by generating and sharing knowledge, guiding institutional change, informing public policy, and engaging with students, professionals and families. Click to learn more about our various grant projects.


September 2012

Essential Apps for College Students

Wifi logoWith the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it is no secret that choosing apps has become a necessary skill for their owners.

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Think College Mentioned in National Council on Disability's Annual Progress Report on Disability Policy

NCD logoOn September 18, the National Council on Disability (NCD) released its annual progress report on national disability policy, in which it assesses the state of federal disability policy in the last year and examines how emerging trends and government policies influence the quality of life of Americans with disabilities.

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