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Think College Topics

Information and related resources on topics related to postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities.

Higher Education Opportunity Act

There were many changes to the HIgher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 related specifically to students with intellectual disabilities.  We provide basic information about those changes and links to important related resources, including the full text of the Act.

Paying for College

Find information about the use of federal financial aid for students, as well as other funding strategies being used to fund direct student costs and to fund program infrastructure.

Becoming a Comprehensive Transition Program

For programs for students with intellectual disabilities who are interested in applying to become a Comprehensive Tranistion Program so that they can offer financial aid options to their students, there are several resources here to help with that application process.

Standards for Inclusive Higher Education

Think College has developed a set of Standards, Quality Indicators and Benchmarks for Inclusive Postsecondary Education that may be used by college programs for continuous quality improvement, by families and students who are researching different program options and by researchers and others interested in inclusive postsecondary education options.

Differences Between High School and College

One of the most important aspects of the transition to college is for students with disabilities to understand how the laws, policies and practices in postsecondary education differ from the ones they may be used to in high school.

Resources for Families

We provide selected web resources for familes who want to learn more about the opportunities for college for their sons and daughters.  A link to the For Families online learning module is also included here.