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Think College Research Summits

Think College Research Summits bring together stakeholders from across the country to discuss current research on inclusive higher education for students with intellectual disability. Think College Research summits are designed to:

  • Inform research community about the focus, methods, and findings of relevant studies;
  • Support networking and cross-pollination of ideas;
  • Enhance knowledge of the impact of inclusive higher education; and
  • Identify areas of need for future research.

Spring 2017 Research Summit: Doctoral Student Research

June 7, 2017
2:00 pm -3:30 pm Eastern Time

Click here to listen to recording

The Spring 2017 Online Research Summit focused on doctoral student research, with two presenters sharing their successfully completed dissertations. Discussion will include areas of needed research and lessons learned in designing and conducting dissertations on inclusive higher education.

Featured speakers

photo of Seb ProhnSeb Prohn
“A Grounded Theory of Social Inclusion for Postsecondary Education Students with Intellectual Disability”

In this multimethod study, college students with I/ DD served as participant evaluators collecting and sharing data to describe their social experiences in a campus community. Students presented social inclusion as a function of belonging and attributed worth within context, and they described the most supportive PSE contexts for inclusive social experiences.

Lyndsey Nunes
“Promoting Self-Determination Skills of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Participating in the Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative Programs throughout Massachusetts.”
The purpose of this evaluative research study was to examine and understand the functional components of fully inclusive postsecondary education programs that promote self-determination for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to differentiate among the MA ICEI programs that include or do not include these components.

Winter 2017 Research Summit  (click to listen to webinar recording)

Featured speakers:

Cindi May, Ph.D., College of Charleston: A Comparison of the College Experience for Students With and Without Disabilities     Cindi May Presentation Materials

Brian Freedman, Ph.D. and Laura Eisenman, Ph.D., University of Delaware: Dynamics of Mentoring Relationships    Freedman & Eisenman Fast Fact

Join the conversation!

Think College is hosting ongoing discussion via Think College Conversations, a virtual chat room for those interested in research and practice related to postsecondary education for students with intellectual disability. Have questions for the presenters or fellow researchers? Join us in the #research_summit channel to get answers and engage in discussion!

We are also hosting an Affinity Group for research on inclusive higher education. The activities of the community of practice will be driven by the needs of the group, including collaborative conversations via email/phone and presentations on current research methods and findings.If you would like to join this affinity group, please complete this very short survey.

Interested in presenting?

If you are conducting research that you would be interested in presenting at a future research summit, send an email to