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Think College Research Summits

Think College Research Summits bring together stakeholders from across the country to discuss current research on inclusive higher education for students with intellectual disability. Think College Research summits are designed to:

  • Inform research community about the focus, methods, and findings of relevant studies;
  • Support networking and cross-pollination of ideas;
  • Enhance knowledge of the impact of inclusive higher education; and
  • Identify areas of need for future research.

The first Research Summit was held February 8, 2017.

Summit Recording

Featured speakers:

Cindi May, Ph.D., College of Charleston

A Comparison of the College Experience for Students With and Without Disabilities

This research provides preliminary insights into the college experience for students with IDD by comparing the perceptions and experiences of students with IDD to those of students without disabilities and students with mild learning disabilities (MLD).  We will discuss motivations for going to college, academic enrichment, social life, and campus culture. Our data suggest a number of similarities in the college experience for students with and without disabilities, along with some surprising advantages expressed by students with IDD.

Cindi May Presentation Materials

Brian Freedman, Ph.D. and Laura Eisenman, Ph.D., University of Delaware

Dynamics of Mentoring Relationships

How do mentor/mentee relationships develop between college students with and without intellectual disability? How do mentors offer supports and facilitate membership into the campus community? This qualitative study analyzed mentor/mentee relationships in regard to mentors' perspectives on their roles and mentoring mechanisms.

Freedman & Eisenman Fast Fact

Join the conversation!

Think College is hosting ongoing discussion via Think College Conversations, a virtual chat room for those interested in research and practice related to postsecondary education for students with intellectual disability. Have questions for the presenters or fellow researchers? Join us in the #research_summit channel to get answers and engage in discussion!

Interested in presenting?

If you are conducting research that you would be interested in presenting at a future research summit, send an email to

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