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Think College Stories

Think College publishes personal stories from students, families, and postsecondary education professionals related to postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities. Tell us what going to college has meant. What has been learned? What kinds of experiences have there been? What has been challenging? What has been surprising? We would love to share your story with our readers!

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In June, 2013, The National Gateway to Self-Determination published The Impact of College on Self Determination.  The publication includes several stories written by college students, parents and professionals that illustrate how attending college has impacted the development of self-determination skills. 

Think College Stories

TitleAuthorLinks to Documents
Living and Learning in a Campus CommunityRiley CochranDownload PDF
My Panther Life Experience in Gaining EmploymentJonathan VieraDownload PDF
Becoming an Anime Artist: My Experience at CollegeScott WetherbyDownload PDF
At College and on the Air with Ira ShepherdIra ShepherdDownload PDF
Eddie's Jorney through College to a Full Time JobLori BrielDownload PDF
Seeing PotentialVanessa SuazoDownload PDF
Belonging on CampusKenneth KeltyDownload PDF
Self-Determination "The Tortoise Won the Race"Vanessa MartinezDownload PDF
Thriving in a College EnvironmentIan Miner, as told to Catie Wheeler, University of Alaska AnchorageDownload PDF
Social Skills Support Self-Determination: My StoryWill Farrior, College of Charleston, with Cindi May and Gail FarriorDownload PDF
Finding Confidence and Happiness in CollegeGwen Chesterfield, Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisDownload PDF
College as a Path to Career: Jose's StoryChristian Haas, University of South Florida St. PetersburgDownload PDF
Getting To and Through CollegeNicole Villemaire, with Kiersten Hallquist, Unviersity of VermontDownload PDF
Peer Mentoring: It Can Change Your LifeRebecca Moody, Vanderbilt UniversityDownload PDF
Illustrating Success: The Journey Toward Becoming the Ultimate ArtistKathy Sheppard-Jones, Bluegrass Community and Technical CollegeDownload PDF
Download RTF
Making "Pathway" A Reality for MeCourtney Vinson, UCLADownload PDF