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Inclusive Higher Education Assessment Tool

Standards Survey diagram

This tool will assist programs that serve students with intellectual disabilities to determine current levels of implementation of eighty-eight key practices in inclusive higher education.

The tool is based on the Think College Standards for Inclusive Higher Education.  There are eight standard areas, illustrated by the graphic to the left, with a total of 88 benchmarks.  The online survey gives program staff the opportunity to reflect on current level of implementation for each benchmark.  At the completion of the survey, a comprehensive report that details current level of implementation in each standard area is provided, along with resources to assist in increasing implementation in each area.

Before starting an assessment, you may want to learn more about the Think College Standards upon which the tool is based.

Use the navigation buttons to the right to learn about the background and development of the Standards (ABOUT), and explore each standard area (UNDERSTAND)

Visit the PLAN section for resources to assist in the development of an action plan to increase levels of implementation.


Start the Survey

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